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What is a domain name?
What are the charges for domain registration?
How long does it usually take to process my domain name registration?
How do I check the availability of a domain name?
Who owns the domain name when I register through Pioneer Web Technology.?
My site is not ready, can I still register my domain name now?
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A domain name is simply a description of a computer's location on the Internet. For an organization, a domain name is similar to a customized license plate. Registering a domain name on the Internet is the equivalent of registering a company name at Companies House. Once registered, no-one else can use that name. As there are many companies with similar names, it is important to register a suitable domain name for your company as soon as possible. A domain name is a way by which a company can uniquely identify itself on the Internet.

It is better to have domain on your company name or your brand name.

There are different types of domain names that you can register. The general purposes for these domains are: .com Commercial, .net Network, .org Miscellaneous Organizations, and .ca for Canadian domain

Domain is only for Rs. 500.00 /year ($10). If you want to register domain for more than one year please contact us at , we'll quote you accordingly.

Once we have received your request for the Domain Name registration and received the payment, it takes approximately 48 hours to complete the Domain Name Registration process.                                               GO TOP

Yes. You can check domain availability directly from our web site via our  quote feature.or
you can visit or

When Pioneer registers your domain name, we list you as the "administrative contact", "Billing Contact" and the "Registrant". (Unless otherwise noted) The Registrant is the person or organization which, according to InterNIC, owns the domain. You are free to change, modify, or delete your domain name by login through our online control panel.

Pioneer Web Technology Domain Registration is ideal for customers not quite ready to promote their Web Site.  If you wait too long you stand the risk of losing the domain name you initially wanted. Pioneer Web Technology Domain Registration gives you the ability to reserve your domain name, without having to pay monthly charges to maintain your Web site. We only charge Rs.500.00 ($ 10 USD) to register your domain name for one year 
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